dumb people are moderate

following my post of yesterday about the secular right smarties, i happened to notice that the lower the wordsum score, the more moderates to be found. so, i ran a search (on the gss) for POLVIEWS + WORDSUM minus the GOD variable (n=22,022) and, sho nuff, dumb people tend to be more moderate politically. waaaay more moderate.

something like, i dunno, 60%+ of the people who scored 1 on the wordsum test call themselves moderates (do they know what the word means?). on the other hand, people who scored a perfect 10 are more (dare i say it) diverse in their political leanings — more of them are liberal, more of them are conservative, less of them are moderates.

so, thinking people tend to have stronger political opinions? they think, therefore they are politically opinionated?

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  1. This is a good thing. It means most dumb people know they’re dumb, and so justifiably hesitate to take strong intellectual positions.


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