the japanese ARE raping and pillaging!

we all KNEW they would turn out to be just like the haitians or the nawlanders!

well, suzanne goldenberg and her paper, the guardian, did anyway:

“‘It’s only natural that people get frustrated,’ said Yoshinori Sato, a spokesman for the [Ishinomaki] city council. ‘It’s because of the stress. People are hungry and frustrated. I’ve heard about people screaming and fighting over food.’

“There have been instances of looting at supermarkets and liquor stores. Sato had also heard reports about a stabbing and a rape in the town. ‘In some cases there were houses that were half-destroyed, and people would go in and look for anything they could find to use or to eat,’ he said….

“Several evacuees, as well as people still living in the rubble of their homes, reported that a burglar had been stabbed during a robbery. There were also reports of a sexual assault. Their accounts could not be confirmed as the local police post has been destroyed. But the sense of fear is real.

“Suzuki was burgled while he was in the house. The barber had gone back to pick up some belongings and check on the family shrine. In the short time he was there, a thief climbed up the ladder through which Suzuki entered his home and made off with his bank card and cheque book.

“‘I totally lost trust in everyone,’ Suzuki said. ‘My sense of trust is as badly destroyed as this landscape.’

“He is convinced, though, that the thieves had to be from outside the neighbourhood. ‘I was born and raised here and grew up here,’ he said. ‘I know everyone here.’

“Those bonds are what have sustained people since the tsunami: sharing food and water, and whatever warm clothes they can salvage from their homes….”

yup! see! events in japan unfolding juuuuust like they did in haiti and nawlins and pakistan.

there was (maybe) one rape!! and (maybe) one burglar stabbed!!

see!! it’s just like when hordes of criminals rampaged through the streets of port-au-prince with machetes, looting and raping all the women in sight! or just like when nawlanders looted necessary, survival items like tvs from best buy! it’s just the same! really!

thank GOD the guardian is there in japan to report on this for us!


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  1. I have a book about post-war Japan that shows a photo of homeless people in bombed-out Tokyo after the war trying to fence things on the street. A line of older along the street with their “wares” laid out: one man has a spoon, a woman has a pot. I suspect these were their last possessions, not stolen goods. The amazing thing is the care the people have gone to. The items are reverently laid out on immaculate pieces of clothe and the people clean.


  2. Yeah, but if I recall, my email address is even funnier. I just can’t remember what I wrote. Something about hickory smoked wheat gluten ham or something.



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