oops! hbd starts to hit the msm:

Why is there no looting in Japan?

whoa. just ASKING the question is sooooooo politically incorrect! (i love it!)

and, as the guy in the telegraph pointed out, he’s not the only one asking:

gee. i wonder why no looting in japan? why, why why? what could possibly be the difference between japan and, say, new orleans? i dunno. i’m stumped.

p.s. – i’ll always remember a pakistani man i saw interviewed on television after the 2005 kashmir earthquake. he was irate that help hadn’t gotten to him and his family sooner. i mean, he was livid! natural enough to be angry, i suppose. but he said that when the government trucks got there with supplies, he and the men of his village were going to DESTROY all the trucks (allah be praised!). in retaliation, i guess. i remember thinking at the time: and how is that going to help the situation?

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