no, seriously. it is.

i’m sure you’ve read all about this already, but just in case you haven’t:

Your genes, your rights – FDA’s Jeffrey Shuren misleading testimony under oath @gnxp

Making movies @genomeboy

Did The FDA’s Jeffrey Shuren Mislead A Congressional Hearing? @geneticfuture

Obama Admin wants to crack down on genome biz @steve sailer

call, write, email, fax your congressmen NOW! tptb don’t want you to have free access to YOUR OWN GENOME!

that’s f*cked up.

update: paul says in the comments – “Even better, email your reporter friends and have them ask some tough questions of and”

good idea!

update: see also FDA’s Jeffrey Shuren Perjury Against Genetic Testing Freedom? @futurepundit and FDA’s Shuren accused of misleading Congress about Google-backed 23andMe @fdablog.

update 03/11: chris @cxlxmxrx has got a whole list of names and addresses of official sorts of people who you can complain to about all this bs. thnx, chris!

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