yay! whew. (*hbd chick wipes brow*) what a relief!

wait. what?

Libya: Serbian workers attacked by armed Libyans

“Tripoli, 21 Feb. (AKI) – A group of 50 Serbian workers have been attacked and blocked by armed Libyans as unrest and violence in the north African country spread to the capital of Tripoli, the Serbian foreign ministry said on Monday.

“The ministry said in a statement there were no injuries and all workers were safe and the government was planning their evacuation in cooperation with Libyan authorities. Serbia had traditionally friendly relations with the regime of colonel Muammar Gaddafi and hundreds of Serbian works have been employed in Libya building roads, factories and infrastructure….”

just another reason for lots o’ libyans to be p*ssed off!

unemployment amongst the under-20s is guesstimated to be over 50% — and they don’t even get to build the ROADS?!

i wouldn’t want to be a serbian in libya for all the slivovitz in belgrade!

btw. here’s the sort of thing that serbians have been building in libya:

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