people are just out of their f*cking minds nowadays. i mean, wtf?? (click on images for LARGER views.):

germans” @wikiPCedia.

french people” @wikiPCedia.

spanish people” @wikiPCedia.

guess the mentally retarded idiots who contributed these orwellian definitions @wikiPCedia have never seen one of these [source]:

the genes don’t lie!

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  1. I’ve seen a quote from Derrida saying that decon was — and I think he used a word like ‘always’ or ‘ultimately’ — really about deconning narratives of nationhood.

    Can’t say I was shocked.


  2. Wikipedia is a mirror of the Ruling Ideology, that’s all. It is no big shock.

    It’s ironic, we claim to think that the Internet provides “freedom of information”: In fact it tends to reinforce PC values, not to mention it provides endless hours of time-wasting, and the sad fact is thousands of times as many people use it as a giant pornography network to indulge their pathetic/sick addictions than use it to search out non-PC political material.

    Is the Internet a bad thing?


  3. @hail – overall a good thing, ’cause now i have the world’s BIGGEST library in my den. (~_^)

    seriously, though — retarded nt’s are using it as they have always used everything in life — but us folks have been able to find like-minded folks nearly all over the world. the internet is a good thing. until they turn it off, that is….


  4. you don’t need to have e.g. spaniard ancestor blood to become a citizen of spain so it really is “independent of ancestry”. what’s wrong with what wikipedia says


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