or maybe i should just move to the south. i definitely should NOT move to utah ’cause teh mormons ain’t a cussin’. (~_^)

this is a map of americans a cussin’ and a swearin’ on twitter. (lighter colors means MORE swearing.) acc’dg to gizmodo:

“Huffman based his research on geotagged tweets between March and April of 2010. That means a smallish sample size, sure, but you can’t really argue with the black hole of cussin that swallows up Salt Lake City. But what four-letter words were counted, and how? According to Huffman:

“‘I made use of six main swears] that came to mind: fuck, shit, bitch, hell, damn, ass

‘I was running these through Excel (since I had the Tweet data in a spreadsheet), and I had it simply search for those text strings within the message. In most cases, that meant it was a search along the lines of *fuck*, meaning it would catch “fucker,” “fuckwit,” and other words probably bandied about the UW Cartography Lab in its saltier days. For ass and hell, I kept wildcards out of those words, since there was a chance of catching something like ‘assume’ or ‘shell’ if I did not.'”

looks like those settlers from the borderlands sure like their colorful language. (~_^)

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