ethnographic chart of the world

from 1854 (click on the image for a LARGER view):

from flickr via BibliOdyssey“Chart of the World Exhibiting Its Chief Physical Features. Currents of the Ocean &c. Ethnographic Chart of the World Shewing [sic] the Distribution and Varieties of the Human Race.”

IN: ‘General Atlas Of The World: Containing Upwards Of Seventy Maps. Engraved On Steel, In The First Style Of Art, By Sidney Hall, William Hughes, F.R.G.S., &c. New Edition. Embracing All The Latest Discoveries Obtained From Government Surveys And Expeditions, Books Of Recent Travel, And Other Sources, Including The North-West Passage Discovered By H.M. Ship Investigator. With Introductory Chapters On The Geography And Statistics Of The Various Countries Of The World, And A Complete Index Of 65,000 Names’ by Adam & Charles Black, Sidney Hall and William Hughes, 1854; published in Edinburgh by A & C Black.


  1. Neat but terrible scholarship. The mapmaker recklessly mixes language with race. Finns and Estonians are “Mongols” according to this poor sap.

    Yet “Magyars” are “Indo-European”!

    Language is to racial grouping almost what blood type is, that is to say there are some patterns apparent but it is foolish to “hang your hat” on them.


  2. Clarifying note:
    I consider Hungarians and Finns and Estonians all to be racially European.

    Their languages are not “Indo-European” but they have been in Europe longer than most.

    The great unresvoled mystery of where Indo-European languages come from continues to bug me.


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