violent DEMOCRATS swayed more by extreme political rhetoric…

…than violent republicans, that is. at least according to one study.

the set-up from boing boing:

“Nathan Kalmoe, a Ph.D. candidate in political science at the University of Michigan … ran an online survey, involving a diverse group of 412 adults from all across the United States. The survey respondents read two political ads—one that used neutral words like ‘work for’, and the other that used metaphorically violent works, like ‘fight’. Then they responded to statements about what was and wasn’t acceptable behavior. Things like, ‘Some of the problems citizens have with government could be fixed with a few well-aimed bullets.'”

and the results from josh rosenau’s blog:

“‘[E]ven mild violent language increases support for political violence among citizens with aggressive predispositions, especially among young adults.’

“This effect is not uniform. Most people reject any attempt to justify political violence, and for most people, seeing a violent political ad doesn’t change that. But Sides explains:

‘Seeing violence political ads DID have an effect among those with a predisposition to aggression, as measured with a standard psychological battery. Among those with the greatest predisposition to aggression, being exposed to a violent political ad increased their support for political violence by about 20 points on a 100-point scale. Among those with the least predisposition to aggression, being exposed to a violent ad actually decreased their support for violence.

‘This conditional relationship — between seeing violent ad and a predisposition to aggression — appears stronger among those under the age of 40 (vs. those older), men (vs. women), and Democrats (vs. Republicans).'”

so, watch what you say to young, aggressive, male LEFTISTS.

the original research here.

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