linkfest – 12/26/10

“Fighter Pilots’ Brains Are ‘More Sensitive'”

“Breastfed boys (but not girls) are brainier: Reading, writing and maths skills better than those given bottle”

“The cultural genome: Google Books reveals traces of fame, censorship and changing languages” @ not exactly rocket science.

“Women can’t have it all: Female academic says those with top jobs only end up with ‘nominal families'”“Those [women] who try to combine high-powered jobs with having children really only end up with ‘nominal families’ with whom they spend little time. Dr Catherine Hakim concludes that the battle for sexual equality is over and any pay gap is down to women’s lifestyle choices.”

One Comment

  1. i wish the study covered in the second link had included additional cohorts of, say, 17- and/or 24-year-olds (perhaps they’ll use this group for future work); it would be interesting to see to what extent the boys’ disparity persists in adulthood. iirc there’s a period of rapid myelination shortly before puberty– breastfed or not, girls are more likely to have reached that point by age 10. i wonder whether (ok, i’ll admit, hope that) the same might be true of boys who received superior neonatal nutrition and some of the lacteal achievement gap might be explained by bottle-boys simply being slower to mature.

    still, even if my hunch turned out to be right, bottle culture is unforgivable just for the harm it does to facial beauty. hang out with some minnesotans, then hop over to sweden and observe their cousins who were born in the 70s and 80s and enjoyed perhaps the highest breastfeeding rates in the western world. the difference is ridic.


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