western civilization

our interest in it peaked somewhere around 1940 (ed.: or 1962 depending on your capitalization preference [thnx, jl!]) and it’s been downhill ever since:

click for a larger view.

previously: it’s been all about the sistahs… and men on the rebound?

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  1. @jl – “It’s better than that.”

    whew! so, we’re back to a ca. 1935 level of interest rather than ca. 1915. not sure what that says about us — and it’s too close to christmas for me to devote any brain power to it. (~_^)

    thanks for pointing out the case sensitivity issue! new year’s resolution: get a keyboard with a shift key. (^_^)

    (oh, man. r u telling me i have to redo all the other charts…???)


  2. Spelled with the ‘S’:

    Western Civilisation [English]

    Peaks during and after WWI and WWII, and otherwise at a steady level 1900-1970. In the early 1970s, it declined to its present level.

    Western Civilisation [British English only]
    In British-English-only texts there is a brief spike interrupting the down-trend during the early Thatcher years: Related to the Malvinas War of ’82?

    This one is much easier to understand:
    Abendland, the German equivalent of the term “Western Civilization” [Abend means Evening; i.e., poetically the land of the setting sun, the West].


  3. Compared:


    You can pinpoint the spot in the late ’70s that “it” took off.

    Taking all bets on when the peak will be, if ever. Is it possible it will continue rising forever and eventually every word in the English language will be a derivative of the word ‘Holocaust’? “Holo lo st? H s cau!” [How are you? I am fine.” –Future English].


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