linkfest – 12/19/10

“Happiness ‘is about earning more than your friends'” – on the easterlin paradox.

“Why Surgeons Dread Redheads”

“Rich Women Prefer Attractive Older Men”“Greater income makes women prefer even older men, and men prefer even younger women.”

“Like to Sleep Around? Blame Your Genes” – drd4 (again).

“Mental function improves after certain kinds of socializing”“Talking with other people in a friendly way can make it easier to solve common problems.”

“Power and Corruption May Be Good for Society”

“Still growing up at 40: Throwing tantrums in middle age? That’s because your brain is learning to be adult”“It is also possible that the cut-off point [for when brain development stops] is different in cultures with very different lifestyles.”

“Neanderthals Fashioned Earliest Tool Made From Human Bone”

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