trust me on this

some results from a gss question asked in 2006: “To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements? a. There are only a few people I can trust completely” >>

a whopping 72.2% of people agreed or strongly agreed that there are only a few people whom they can trust completely:

get these people some oxytocin nasal spray, quick! (~_^)

men and women said they trusted people at around the same rate:

people who didn’t finish high school trust people the least, while people with bachelor’s degrees are the most naive trust people the most:

whites trust others more than blacks or people of other races do:

and (certain) hispanics really don’t trust anybody.

remember, whites who said they agree/strongly agree that there’s only a few people they can trust completely = 69.7%. blacks = 79.1%.

cubans = 75.2% (a h*lluva lot of cubans in the u.s. are white). mexicans/mexican-americans = 80.2%. puerto ricans = 82.8%. (i skipped other hispanic groups ’cause the numbers were so few):

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