inclusive fitness works both ways

from the telegraph:

“The game will soon be up for the euro”

“Why, as I write, is the euro worth 84p, or $1.32? I know the British and the American economies aren’t superb, but the euro is a basket case. Also, we have taken measures here to move in the right direction. That has yet to happen properly in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium or any other eurozone country where the vultures are circling. The markets seem to think that Germany especially has a bottomless pit of money to bail out all these banana republics. It doesn’t. Nor does its government have the uncritical support of its electors in seeking to do so. The euro will fail because nations still have an identity, and don’t see themselves working to make sacrifices for profligate neighbours….

especially when they aren’t related (enough) to those neighbors. these blood-is-thicker-than-water sentiments were nicely expressed in a suit against the german gov’t by “five venerable legal and financial experts, including the hugely influential former CEO of Thyssen, Dieter Spethmann”:

“[T]he erosion of German state finances ‘strikes a blow at the constitutional foundations of our state and our society.’ It is contrary to the true spirit of Europe, with its diverse roots and cultures, and ‘trifles with the future of our children and grandchildren.'”


running on the same theme:

“Attacks on Immigrants on the Rise in Greece”

“ATHENS — A wave of violent attacks against immigrants by suspected right-wing extremists has put Muslims and the police on alert in rundown parts of Athens with burgeoning migrant populations.

“Immigrants have been beaten and stabbed near central squares, and several makeshift mosques have been burned and vandalized. In the most grievous attack, at the end of October, the assailants locked the door of a basement prayer site and hurled firebombs through the windows, seriously wounding four worshipers.”

sh*t like this is (sadly) gonna get a lot, LOT more frequent as the economy worsens. but that is human nature, like it or not. and the blame should be laid at the feet of the people responsible for the recent balkanization of the west — our so-called leaders, more accurately termed our hostile elite.

previously: clueless.

update 12/03: see also parapundit – “Genetic Closeness Reduces South Korean Anger At North?”

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  1. The “Euro is doomed” thing has been promoted in all major media for a year now. In some circles for longer than that.

    And yet One USD still only buys ~75 EUR cents! The currencies are accepted as having the same “real” value, in purchasing power. They hovered around 1-to-1 from 1999 to mid-2003. Then the USD slid and has not recovered. At the EUR’s nadir this fall, 1 USD still only bought 83 EUR-cents.

    The big currency speculators do not buy into the hype that the EUR is doomed. Watch where they put their money, not what the sensationalist presses say.


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