1. Being the same color never stopped African nations from slaughtering each other in thousands of wars
    nor Europeans
    nor Native Americans
    nor Middle Easterners
    nor Orientals

    Homogenous nations fight at their borders.
    Diverse (balkanised) nations fight inside their borders.

    This is not progress.


  2. @greying wanderer – “Being the same color never stopped African nations from slaughtering each other in thousands of wars….”

    yes, but if we could eliminate all the differences between groups … make the world one ginormous melting pot (blanda upp!) … then, at least theoretically, we should be able to eliminate, or at least reduce by a factor of a LOT, conflict between groups (because we would have eliminated conflicting genetic interests).

    but practically it’s just not possible. it’s just a nice little leftist eugenic wet-dream.


  3. There is doublethink going on here.

    Miscegenation = Good
    Genocide = Bad

    Miscegenation enthusiasts have to do some serious logical gymnastics to dance around that one.


  4. @hail – “There is doublethink going on here.”

    well, yeah. but the looney left just doublethinks on eugenics itself. you don’t even have to bring genocide into it:

    non-miscegenation=bad — automatically, without giving it any thought.


  5. Actually you’re mistaken, gorillas have very small balls. The cause of outsized balls isn’t really polygyny per se, but sperm competition. Gorillas, though polygynous, mate about once a year because there is no sperm comp. I’m speculating, but it may be that the females are simply not interested in surreptitious matings, because they only dig males who prevail in combat. If some dude just shows up, she’s perhaps invariably uninterested, unless and until he drives off or kills her present mate.

    If the female of some taxon is interested in surreptitious business, and the male can’t guard her, that’s where you get big balls and high frequency of mating. For example, large predatory birds may mate several times a day, in season, because they are over a km apart, or 5 km apart for that matter, during much of the day. Small birds can have a territory more like 1/3 acre, and I think at least some of them mate less. Most of them in this country are not perfectly monogamous; they have a monogamy/cheating system like man, but many taxa have a good deal more cheating than present-day bourgeios Whites. So, the males could probably benefit by more matings. They may not even have a choice, and/or, they may have trade-offs; they gotta do other things too. I suspect the former is more likely. And/or, they may just be up against the law of diminishing returns.

    An important rule of evolutionary ecology is that going around with other organisms means you meet less food or other resources. A chimp likes to hang with other chimps, to obviate lethal aggression from enemy groups, but three walking separately spot more food than do three walking close enough together to maintain contact. (Although for some spatial distributions of food this is untrue, it is generally true for common chimp in their habitations.) This is why mated pairs of hawks have to hunt separately, and the same applies to smaller birds, in some degree.


  6. @rob – “Actually you’re mistaken, gorillas have very small balls.”

    oops! you’re right. i misquoted wolfe. thnx!


  7. I didnt watch this originally. Today I had the misfortune of watching it on another site. Anyone who reads this: Please DONT watch the video. I wish I’d been given that advice. It will make you sick to your stomach.

    i don’t associate sveeeedish people with brilliant stand-up comedy routines
    As far as I see, there were no “Swedish” people in there, except as props. Props used by the degenerates who produced this pornography.

    i don’t really get the joke
    There is no joke — it’s the essence of nihilist postmodernism. It’s supposed to be “ironic”, “progressive”. All shock value, no value.

    This is common among the European far-left: take the German group called “Antideutsche“. They hold a yearly demonstration to celebrate (yes) the deaths of the ~150,000 Germans killed at Dresden.


  8. @hail – “As far as I see, there were no “Swedish” people in there….”

    actually, that “rapper” dude in the video is 100% sveeeedish. they just have him made up to look like some sort of mixed-race person. he’s one of the comedians on the aptly named ‘grotesco’ program.


  9. What is the rapper’s name?

    I recall about 10 years ago “The” Swedish rapper was some guy called “Petter”.


  10. “african men (on average) have larger testicles than whites who (on average) have larger testicles than asian men.”

    The evidence from autopsy weighing shows white men have larger testes than black men. Rushton developed a selective case of amnesia on this point.


  11. @n/a – “The evidence from autopsy weighing shows white men have larger testes than black men.”

    interesting! thnx for the link. i’ve only ever seen the diamond stuff.


  12. @hail – “What is the rapper’s name?”

    he’s not really a rapper. he’s one of the cast on grotesco (kinda like being one of the cast on snl, afaik). his name is micke (michael) lindgren.

    (sorry it took me so long to answer. been busy the last few days!)


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