repeal the 19th amendment!

at least for these chicks:

Perfect storm for GOP: Obama base stays home, white voters defect

“… Following patterns evident in Obama’s approval rating, the only segment of the white electorate that didn’t collapse for Democrats were college-educated white women. But even they tilted slightly toward the GOP….”


guess they’re still having those wet dreams.

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  1. Women tend to vote with their emotions?

    The obnoxious Rush Limbaugh type republican wont get women’s votes even if he is a genius.


  2. I wish I could remember the book title which was done before the 2000 election. The book studied the polls of the at least the 1992 and 1996 elections. – possibly earlier ones also.
    The gist of it was that women tended to vote the same way as their husbands. Which makes sense, we tend to mate with similar, but not exact minds as our selves, in terms of intelligence, religious and political outlooks. (James Carville and Mary Matlin are the exception that make the trend noticeable.)

    Among single men, they tended to break about 5 to 10 % more towards the Republicans. Sometimes those numbers were closer to 1 %. Single women tended to vote 40% more for the Democrats than the Republican. The author theorized that this occurred because the women needed a ‘plan B’ or perhaps even a ‘plan A’ for financial support, and the Democrats offer that to them

    So we can say it is emotional or rational, or a mix (“OH NO, I could be left without a way to eat!… vote safety net for me and others”). Those were the trends going into the 2000 elections. I suspect that they have continued at about those numbers with the exception that more single women are around to vote today than 15 years ago.


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