speaking of the discovery of a ‘liberal gene‘ (drd4, a dopamine receptor gene) that was reported on the other week…

…charles brack, et. al., have been writing|theorizing|researching the neurology of liberalism vs. conservatism for a few years now on their site, among other things, they’ve talked a lot about dopamine and its role in shaping our political sentiments.

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dull people…

…find life more dull.

from the gss, ca. 40% of smart people find life routine or dull (1.4% find it dull) while 60% of the dumbest people find life routine/dull – a full 8.7% of them find it dull (remember: wordsum scores serve as a proxy for iq. kinda-sorta.):

more men than women find life exciting (49.9% vs. 44.2%) – more women than men find life dull (5.1% vs. 3.7%):

more whites than blacks find life exciting (47.7% vs. 41%) – more blacks than whites find life dull (7.6% vs. 4.0%):

i find most people dumb people to be dull and try to avoid them at all costs.

see also from tggp: “Intelligent people are bored at work and don’t have much free time”

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linkfest 11/28/10

“The relationship between religiosity and infidelity differs by religion” – from inductivist.

“Did human evolution accelerate?” – (hint: prolly h*ll yeah!) “Modern humans changed little when they initially spread out of Africa and into the Middle East. Real change occurred farther north, when they entered seasonally varying environments that differed much more even in summer.” @ evo and proud.

“NCBI ROFL: Surprise! Men vote for the hotter female candidate.” – *facepalm* you guys should think with your heads! (the OTHER one!) (~_^)

“A £250 handbag? Well, it is that time of the month, dear: Study reveals why women splash out on luxury items” – (my luxury item of choice? dark-chocolate. mmmmmmmmmmm!)

“Group Selection, Again” – from steve sailer.

“Antisocial behavior more heritable for girls and the wealthy” – @ inductivist.


western warship:

eastern warship:

“A Chinese Song Dynasty naval river ship with a Xuanfeng traction-trebuchet catapult on its top deck, taken from an illustration of the Wujing Zongyao (1044 AD).” [wikipedia]

african warship:

“War canoes have been extensively used in Africa to transport troops and supplies, and engage targets onshore. While documentation of canoe versus canoe battles in on the open ocean is rare, records from the 14th century mention various tribal peoples of West Africa using huge fighting canoes in inland waters, some up to 80 feet (24 m) and carrying over 100 men. Construction of the war canoe was typically from one massive tree trunk, with the silk cotton tree being particularly useful. The inside was dug out and carved using fire and hand tools. Braces and stays were used to prevent excessive expansion while the fire treatment was underway. Fire also served to release sap as a preservative against insect pests. Some canoes had 7 to 8 feet (2.4 m) of width inside, accommodating benches for rowers, and facilities such as fireplaces and sleeping berths.

“Warriors onboard were typically armed with shield, spear and bow. In the gunpowder era, small iron or brass cannon were sometimes mounted on the bow or stern, although the firepower delivered from these areas and weapons was relatively ineffective. Musketeers delivering fire to cover raiding missions generally had better luck. The typical tactic was to maneuver close to shore, discharge weapons, then quickly pull out to open water to reload, before dashing in again to repeat the cycle. Troop and supply transport were the primary missions, but canoe versus canoe engagements in the lagoons, creeks and lakes of West Africa were also significant.” [wikipedia]

bonus photo:

whoa. (click on the photo to see a really BIG version.)

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roissy’s always posting pics of beta vs. alpha males. well, i ran across this the other day and just thought — ack! i’ve always, always, ALWAYS hated this photo (annie leibovitz, of course). now i think i know why. ’cause it’s soooooooo beta! blech! i mean, what sort of god-awful fetal position is THAT. talk about clingy! ewwwwwww!

now, ‘scuse me while i rinse my retinas with some real men!: