you, too, can become a brilliant evolutionary theorist!

amaze your friends! astound your co-workers! after just 10,000 hours of thinking about biology reeeeally hard you, too, can become a brilliant evolutionary theorist!

consider (at great length) finch beaks! (huh?) come up with brand, new ideas about selection – naturally! write a lot about topics related to sex! (bonus!)

all it takes is 10,000 hours of your spare time! (and maybe a big, bushy beard.) really!!

(no, not really. hint.)

previously: you, too, can become the fastest man on earth!

update: see also “The Talent Debate” and “No You Can’t”

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  1. @JL – “I like this series (?).”

    thnx! (*^_^*)

    if u (or anyone else) would like to see someone/some group feat., just lemme know.


  2. He wasn’t really that brill, though obviously >99% are dumber. His IQ was around 150, +/-. If he had been Linus Pauling, One-stone, Bohr, Gauss, Euler, RA Fisher, or Galois, or probably even Gregory Cochran, he would not have struggled in vain to conceptualize particulate inheritance; he would have struggled for about 15 minutes over lunch.

    However, he was fairly studious, and definitely didn’t bore easily from chipping away at the same things for a long time. He was very intellectually curious, and fruitfully omnivorous. He had the sack to go on a manifestly dangerous trip. He got just sick enough to entirely kill his preeminent joy in companionship and shooting (which had disappointed his father), without stopping his reading and writing. Despite his systemic illness’ having some psychological manifestations, he was not mentally tormented, nor too much physically. And of course he had rents of ‘125 a year’ or whatever it was.


  3. @Rob – “He wasn’t really that brill….”

    well, his light still shines on 150+ years later. that’s pretty d*mn brilliant if you ask me. (~_^)

    re. r.a. fisher – he truly was brilliant. have no idea what he’s on about 7/8ths of the time – he’s completely beyond my capabilities! (d*ng it!) what ever happened to his descendants, i wonder? didn’t he have 6 or so kids on principled (i.e. eugenic) grounds? did they all regress to the mediocre, or what?


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