linkfest 10/17/10

“How Middle Eastern Milk Drinkers Conquered Europe” (more @gnxp & @john hawks.)

“Technophobia ‘is decided when we are still in the womb'”“A person’s attitude towards new technology can be predicted by the hormones we are exposed to in the womb…. Researchers found that levels of pre-natal testosterone exposure were higher in computer science students….” (more 2d:4d stuff.)

“Stress and the Brain: What Makes Some of Us More Vulnerable Than Others?”“…a person’s sensitivity to acute stress is determined by variations in the gene encoding the α2b-adrenoreceptor (ADRA2B).” (determined in part, i’m sure.)

“Animals Said to Have Spiritual Experiences”

“Chinese dominate list of richest women”“More than half the world’s richest self-made women are Chinese…. The world’s three richest women are Chinese – as are 11 of the top 20….” (there are also a lot of them – women in china, i mean.)

“Is your dog’s bowl half full or empty? How to tell a pessimist pet from an optimist”

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