you, too, can become a physics genius!

amaze your friends! astound your co-workers! after just 10,000 hours of studying physics you, too, can become a physics genius!

uncover the mysteries of the universe for your fellow man! delve into the uncertainties (or not)! find out if the kitteh is alive or dead inside that box!

all it takes is 10,000 hours of your spare time! (and maybe a funny hair-do.) really!!

(no, not really.)

update: see also “The Talent Debate” and “No You Can’t”

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  1. […] (yes) – hajnal line in america (hmmmm…?) – where does culture come from (good question!) – how to become a genius in physics – winter is coming – human biodiversity (yay!) – hbd chicks (there’s more than one?!) – […]


  2. if you find you are not that good at something you won’t stick at it for 10,000 hours. that is unless you need to or (feel you need to) as in the case of making money. most people spend 10000 hours in the pursuit of making money yet actual incomes are very unevenly distributed for people over age 40.
    a Gladwell might attribute that to happenstance but that just leads back to the debate on the heritable correlates of incomes.


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