linkfest 10/10/10 (↑cool!)

“Five times more Americans than Brits gay or bisexual, research finds”“A US survey found that eight per cent of men and seven per cent of women classed themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual.”

“Black Male Children Have Highest Rates of Food Allergies”

“Study: Your Weight Affects Your Salary”“[S]kinny women tend to have fatter paychecks than average or overweight women…. Larger men are shown to have larger paychecks than their thinner brethren…. In fact, as a man’s weight increases, so does his salary — until the point of obesity, when his salary then drops.”

“Having faith ‘helps patients live longer’, study suggests”

“How to make meerkats even more sociable” (clue: get ’em high on oxytocin)

“Hard-wired for chocolate and hybrid cars? How genetics affect consumer choice”

“Why staying cool’s no sweat for women as secret of perspiration is unblocked” (men sweat; women glow.)

“Human Kind: Is selflessness in our nature?” (review of “The Price of Altruism: George Price and the Search for the Origins of Kindness”)

“How the First Nine Months Shape the Rest of Your Life” @ time.

“Did Australian Aborigines reach America first?” (see also luzia.)

classic link: “The Lost Tribes of Europe” @ time magazine.

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