a post for geert

cool: geert wilders has for many years spoken out about the dangers of unchecked muslim immigration to europe.

uncool: he is on trial for violating retarded “hate speech” laws.

cool: he is not backing down.

uncool: he wants to ban the koran in the netherlands. (you’re either for free speech/thought or against. sorry, there ain’t no middle ground. just sayin’.)

best of luck to him.

(this post in response to parapundit’s modest proposal)

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  1. You could publish the Koran publicly. Anyone who would want to read could read it. If what I heard about the Koran is true, it would be rejected as hateful in its own right. The Koran could be guilty of far worse than anything that its critics say. If the Koran is peace loving and innocent, its pages will reveal that. If it is not, it pages will reveal that too. Let those who wish to silence Islam’s critics also advocate a fair hearing on what the Koran actually says.


  2. @outis: “You are either for your folk, or you are not. Koran in Netherlands = against.”

    i disagree. i say little to no muslim immigrants in the netherlands, not ban the koran.

    the people are the problem. not a book.


  3. I’m generally with you regarding the banning of the Koran, but the cliched adages about not being able to yell “fire” in a theater apply here, I think. It’s not necessarily a dichotomous question.


  4. @the audacious – “It’s not necessarily a dichotomous question.”

    no, it’s not. in the sense that, if there were few/no muslims in the netherlands (or the west) there’d be no problem with having the koran freely available for anyone to read ’cause most dutch (western) people who did bother to read it would just think “wtf?” and move on. the problem is obviously that there are muslims who are non-dutch in the netherlands and some of them become “radicalized” in part by reading looney passages in some book which they then take seriously. there’s where the whole thing becomes dichotomous.

    but, i’d much rather get at the root of the problem than just ban some book. “people kill/replace people, not books.” send ’em/encourage ’em to go back to where they came from.

    as the derb pointed out, we bus around 2.3 million school children every school day. it’s really not a logistical problem to rid ourselves of these troublesome immigrants.



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