linkfest 10/03/10

inductivist posts that “Archie Bunker is black, brown, or yellow.” (“gee, our old edsel ran great!”)

“Recent Research on Individualism/Collectivism” from kevin macdonald (“The research reviewed here indicates that predispositions to individualism/collectivism are genetically based.”)

“Study Reveals Why Women Apologize So Much”

“Porn Surge Found in States that Helped Elect President”

“Dancers Are Genetically Different Than The Rest Of Us”

“Diversity Down Under” by the derb

“Stress Brings Out the Difference in Male, Female Brains”

“And all I got was this lousy T-shirt” – cool post @ mefi linking to a bunch o’ classic books @ like “Forty Years Among the Zulus,” “Twenty-five Years in Honan,” “Twenty-one Years in India,” and so on and so on.

classic link: “Rwandan Genocide Illustrates How Genetics Influence PTSD”

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