parenting FAIL

this woman makes me so mad i could almost spit. in her face. almost. from gov via parapundit:

“Michelle’s Frustration”

“Integration: Michelle Hviid [poss irony moment: does her surname mean white?], 37, achieved nationwide fame four years ago when she created ‘Michelle’s Mission’ — an integration project to encourage immigrants and native Danes to have dinner together. Now she is deeply frustrated at living in Nørrebro, one of North West Copenhagen’s ghetto areas.

“This spring was the third time Michelle Hviid’s 12-year old son Benjamin was attacked by a gang of immigrant boys.

“He and a friend were on their way home from school and were walking up Nørrebrogade [major thoroughfare] when 12-14 immigrant boys began circling them. Benjamin had seen a couple of the boys previously at a Tae Kwon Do club.

“The group of immigrant boys managed to separate Benjamin and his friend so that each boy was surrounded by 6-7 immigrants. They started pushing the two Danish boys between them as if they were balls in a game. Slowly the boys were forced out onto the street. The traffic stopped and Benjamin made eye contact with some of the cyclists and drivers, silently pleading for help while being pushed around. No one came to his aid.

“His friend was hit and kicked so severely that he ended up at the hospital emergency room. Benjamin escaped onto a bus, but his assailants followed. He had to jump off the bus and seek refuge in a shop before anyone helped him.

“Crumbling faith

“Benjamin has been attacked twice before by different immigrant boys in Nørrebro — the first time he was 10 years old, the second he was 11. In both cases the attackers were local immigrant boys. Now he takes a massive detour to avoid certain streets when riding his bike to and from school.

“His mother, Michelle Hviid, lives with her husband and children on Thoravej in Copenhagen’s North West where they own their own apartment close to several ghetto areas. She is deeply frustrated about the attacks on her son. It has caused her faith in integration to crumble.

“In 2006 she sought to make a contribution towards integration by trying to get 1,500 Danes and 1,500 immigrants together to share a meal. Danmarks Radio [State TV] ran five programs covering ‘Michelle’s Mission’, which created a lot of attention.

“It proved easy to get Danes to take part but only 513 immigrants turned up.

“Attacked in Kindergarten

“Michelle Hviid’s faith in better integration also compelled her to enrol her three-year old daughter in the local kindergarten. It is situated close to some of the residential areas of Nørrebro which have been designated ghetto areas. But now she has withdrawn her daughter from this kindergarten.

“‘The staff were competent, but it seemed they were operating in pure survival mode with far too many children from low-income, disadvantaged and violent families — both Danes and immigrants. I don’t think my daughter learned or sang a single song during the year she spent at that kindergarten. My frustration peaked when one of the mothers attacked a teacher. My daughter witnessed the other teachers’ intervention to stop the attack, and she experienced the adults being very violent. I removed my daughter immediately and kept her at home until we could be offered an alternative placement.’

“Only a day later Michelle was offered a place for her daughter in another kindergarten for children from Nørrebro. Here the children are picked up by bus and taken to the Deer Park [a large recreational park] north of Copenhagen — an offer which the family is very grateful for.”

jesus h. christ.


i understand that the game is to demonstrate how moral you are by being the most politcally correct kid on the block (as steve sailer calls it – the great white status struggle), but most pc people get away with all their moralizing sheenanigans while living in the most white-bread neighborhood they can find! and no one notices. really.

so, michelle hviid, MOVE ALREADY!! for your children’s sakes!! you have started to see that there is a BIG problem here and that integration is a LOT harder than just inviting everyone over for dinner and then getting them all to hold hands and sing kumbaya.

your children are NOT going to thank you for their sh*tty childhood … if they survive to adulthood, that is.

there was another such clueless woman (+ husband – what’s wrong with these husbands anyway?! they need to take charge and get their families out of these situations!) only in norway who made it to the halls of youtube earlier this year – but she had remained more clueless than her counterpart in denmark. watch the whole thing (there’s more than one part) – if your blood-pressure can stand it:

these women should be ashamed of themselves. this is child abuse, pure and simple. and all for very, very selfish reasons (i.e. just to prove to everyone else how they, themselves, are soooo moral). sacrificing their kids on the altar of political correctness.

question: is there something particularly wrong with scandinavian women? i mean, wtf???

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  1. “i understand that the game is to demonstrate how moral you are by being the most politcally correct kid on the block”

    That’s true of most SWPLs but as you say that type don’t practise what they preach. This is something different. This is people who’ve accepted the multicult as a religion. There’s a third group of passive-aggressive wimp-bullies who jump on the bandwagon of whatever the dominant culture is because it provides a vehicle for bullying.

    There’s more than one type of SWPL.


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