slavic values?

what always struck me about this graphic from the world values survey site is not that the “ex-communist” european groups are “ex-communists” but that most of them are slavsrussians, ukrainians, belorussiansbosniaks, bulgarians, croatians, macedonians, montenegrins, serbs, slovenesczechs, poles, and slovakians.

for that matter, dontcha think it’s interesting that the protestant european groups are pretty much all germanic peoples?

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  1. Their is another little funny thing going on. All of them were ex communist. Lithuania and Latvia aren’t Slavic nations. But that’s what happens to you when your middle class gets ruthlessly murdered and and socialists re program you.


  2. @slumlord: “…that’s what happens to you when your middle class gets ruthlessly murdered and and socialists re program you.”

    sure. but why didn’t all THAT happen in, say, the iberian peninsula? or the british isles? or in the “protestant europe” areas as outlined in the graphic?


  3. it’s interesting, so you are saying that a chance of being conquered by communism (in Poland, Slovakia, Czech communism was introduced by force without almost no support from local population) is increased by being Slav?


  4. I have wondered about this correlation between ideology and ethfor years. It’s funny that you have realized the same. If you have found an explanation, please let me know.


  5. Albanians aren’t Slavs either. Neither Hungarians. Isn’t it more logical just to be caused to the proximity to Russia? Also, most Slavs of the lower classes were kept in poverty for centuries, so they accepted communism better. They didn’t have anything to loose. That might be another reason. It seems though that communism suits mostly Asians and Jews. They have more of a collectivist mindset than any European except for the Southern Balkans and lower Italy maybe.
    That fact that Germanics were resistant to communist ideas strikes me as odd too. Why? Anglosaxons were even more resistant.


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