“kill whitey”

gee. liberals and conservatives really DO think differently (via wired):

“Perhaps most revealing is what Pizarro calls the ‘Kill Whitey’ study. This was a footbridge problem — two variations on a footbridge problem in one, actually — that the team presented to 238 California undergrads. The undergrads were of mixed race, ethnicity and political leanings. Before they faced the problem, 87 percent of them said they did not consider race or nationality a relevant factor in moral decisions….

“Turned out the racial identities did indeed, ah, color peoples’ judgments, but it colored them differently depending on their political bent. Pizarro, who describes himself as a person who ‘would probably be graded a liberal on tests,’ roughly expected that liberals would be more consistent. Yet liberals proved just as prejudiced here as conservatives were, but in reverse: While self-described conservatives more readily accepted the sacrifice of Tyrone [presumed black guy] than they did killing Chip [presumed white guy], the liberals were easier about seeing Chip sacrificed than Tyrone.

of course, often what people say they think/would do is not what they really think/feel. (heh.)

read the whole thing @ wired. and/or the original research paper here.

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