sooooo … the brits are finally waking up to the fact that a lot of their muslim immigrants are marrying their cousins, just like they do back in the old country (actually in even greater numbers in their new home).

and, gee, whadyaknow, they’re having kids with a lot of genetically inherited medical conditions … which is turning out to be expensive for everyone involved … especially the brits who, not only are they losing their territory to a bunch o’ strangers, but they’re losing their territory to deaf, dumb, and blind immigrant kids (who prolly s*ck at pinball). how sad is that?!

the thing with these immigrants from places like pakistan and bangladesh is not just that they’re marrying their cousins … it’s that their parents married their cousins as well … and their parents before them … and so on … and so on. this has been going on for centuries in the middle east and south asia. and now today they’re paying the price … and so are the brits.

but the real payoff is yet to come.

if the problem were just that britain suddenly wound up with more retarded kids than it would’ve had otherwise, that wouldn’t be so bad. but the thing is, most brits – and definitely 110% of their politicians – are completely unaware of the larger problems that institutionalized cousin marriage brings: the tribalism; the nepotism; the ingrained antipathy towards anything remotely resembling democracy; islam and all its accoutrements.

don’t take me wrong. i ain’t criticizing these folks for any of the above. hey – i actually like diversity (HBD! get it??). just not in my own country – or not in the west either (and that includes old blighty, naturally). if saudis want to marry their cousins and wear burkas and not live in a democracy but a theocracy instead – more power to ’em! just do all that back in your own country, thankuverymuch.

you know who else inbred? the pharaohs! (you knew that, didn’t you?) of course, they married their siblings. how’d that work out for them?:

King Tut Mysteries Solved: Was Disabled, Malarial, and Inbred

aaaaaaaand … the only reason i brought that up is so that i would have an excuse (lame as it is) to post this (enjoy!):

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