ivy league selective breeding

who ever said ivy leaguers don’t believe in hbd! check out dateharvard sq:

Our goal is to provide those looking for meaningful and enduring relationships with an additional, highly effective way in which they can access a group of singles with great qualities…. We strongly believe that Harvard singles are valued for their ambition, drive, poise, intelligence, and potential. All of these are crucially important qualities in a life partner, much more so than wealth or status.

awwww! that’s so cute! an online resource to help upper-crusties practice selective breeding! (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) the fact that they’re getting so open about their liking for liberal eugenics just brings a tear to my eye. (*sniff*)

right now, the service is only open to gold-diggers “discerning women” looking for haaaahvard men, but they promise that they’ll soon be offering services for gigolos “discerning men” looking for haaaahvard women … and haaaahvard men looking for haaaahvard men … and haaaahvard women looking for haaaahvard women.

oh joy.

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