i was here first!

i tend get just a little really, really, REEEALLY tired of a debate when the discussion just goes ’round and ’round in circles endlessly because it hasn’t been based on reality:

“my people deserve to keep this nation because we’ve been here since the neolithic!”
“well, my people have been here since the PALEOlithic, so we reeeally deserve it!”
“the united states stole california/new mexico/arizona/texas from mexico, so we should get it all back!”
“the american indians didn’t have a concept of private property, so they didn’t really own north america, so it was ok for us to move in and settle the land!”
“those bushmen never really did anything useful with the land except wander around after game, so it was good that us bantu took it and did something with it!”
“god said we’re the chosen people and he gave us this land to be ours furevah! (it says so right in this book here.)”
“manifest destiny!!!”

wtf people?! do you ever listen to yourselves? you sound like a bunch of kids on the playground screaming, “it’s mine! I CALL!!” (do kids even say that anymore?)

anyway, i was going to write a long post about how ridiculous all these “arguments” are and that they’re all just self-delusional excuses for getting what you want (i.e. more territory/resources), but i find that henry percy over @ the american thinker has already covered the topic admirably. take it away henry!:

“In short, human history is the story of groups of people moving across vast distances, laying claim to territory, killing or subjugating the earlier inhabitants, intermingling with them, and moving on. The right by which any group lays claim to a piece of land is ultimately enforced by — force.”


this is the way that dear ol’ gal, mother nature, works. we humans are animals and, just like lots of other creatures, we try to grab more territory if and when we can ’cause, well, extra resources might just mean that you can spread your genes a little farther than you woulda done otherwise. and that’s what it’s all about.

so, the next time some illegal immigrant says he and his “raza” want california back ’cause us gringos took it away from them unfairly, don’t get into a debate about it. just say “nah nah nah nah naaah nah!!!” (and maybe run like h*ll.)

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  1. What’s happening today has nothing to do with what happened when Europeans settled in America, or with animals competing for territory. Today’s immigrants come for the money, not for the territory. They don’t care about America, its vast spaces and natural resources. They are after the money of white people.

    They do not use force at all. They are invited to come in. It would be easy to close the borders and expel them. The American political system is a soft dictatorship that imposes mass immigration on its reluctant population. But very little force is used against white Americans. Instead, the system mostly relies on manipulation. We humans are not exactly like other animals.


  2. @armor – “What’s happening today has nothing to do with what happened when Europeans settled in America, or with animals competing for territory.”

    sure it does. i agree with you to some extent that today’s immigrants come more for the money than the territory (although i’m not so sure about la raza in the u.s.!), but either way what we are talking about are RESOURCES. terra firma resources or financial resources or whatever. same difference. whatever puts food on the table.

    humans are animals and like all other animals we’re in competition with each other for resources.


  3. ** like all other animals we’re in competition against each other for resources. **

    You are not competing for resources, you are giving your resources away.
    Give me the name of an animal who does that?
    Maybe the rabbit: No, I’m not hungry today, please have my carrot. Oh, and take my rabbit hole too!


  4. @armor – “You are not competing for resources, you are giving your resources away.”

    ooooooooohhhhhh! you are wondering why white americans (and europeans) are giving their countries away to other peoples.

    that’s because too many white americans (and europeans) are under the impression that their competitors are still only other whites, which is how it was for a very long time. they’re using immigrants||foreigners|minorities as pawns in their moral status game that they play against other whites. they just haven’t woken up to reality yet. (see also here.)


  5. Yep, that’s how we animals have done, and that’s how it should be.

    The same principle also apply to the whole pseudo-polemic around date rape, whether being drunk does or does not allow for “consensual” sex. The history of sex is the history of men walking long distances and subjugating women. Now they want all this court stuff, that’s all so gay. I also vouch for the end of the whole legal system and a return to deciding things in terms of swords, spears and maces. Perhaps modern artillery, I dunno. Pre-powder stuff would be much more cooler and gorier, so it would be preferable, but if those wimps can’t give up bullets, then by the bullets they will die.

    Animal nature and past history ought to dictate our present and future behavior, which should be as immutable and as close to that of an animal/savage as possible. And fuck that Dave Hume guy, such a loser. If he weren’t so DEAD like a loser he is, I would hit him with a baseball bat in the back of his heat and say, “philosophize this, bitch”


  6. @a.c.b. – ok. i’m pretty sure you’re being sarcastic here. if not, you’re one scary m.f.

    in your own, special way, i think you were addressing the naturalistic fallacy — just because something is the way it is in nature doesn’t mean we humans have to behave that way. maybe. (maybe not.) my main point here, tho, is that if we don’t first try to understand why we behave in the ways that we do, we’ll never be able to even begin to alter that behavior — or mediate it somehow (if we can’t change it). got it?


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