the unbearable unfunniness of political correctness

via gates of vienna, some guy in the uk milked the cash-cow of political correctness (to the tune of thousands of dollars, apparently) by whining like a little girl complaining that his (*sniff*) feelings were all hurt when someone told a politically incorrect joke about his (the whiner’s) ethnic group during some presentation or other.

and THEN, when a journalist at “the spectator” made fun of the whole sitch (as one would do, natch) … well, the sh*t rained down on HIS head, too! read all about it here:

“Why can’t anyone take a joke anymore?”

good question.

my own ethnic background (a european group) has been the butt of what are now considered politically incorrect jokes for decades … h*ll, probably for centuries. i’m just old enough to remember when ethnic jokes were actually told (“mommy, did people reeeally used to tell jokes about different peoples?” “yes, little timmy, and they were d*mn funny, too!”) and i was never offended by any of the ones i heard about my own group. h*ck, a lot of them were actually funny, and most of them characterized my people very well! and i can’t recall anyone else i knew in my group being offended by them, either.

nor have i ever been offended by jokes about women, come to think of it. (well, i am offended by vulgar, tasteless jokes of all sorts … but not because they have to do with an ethnic group or women or whatever).

what’s wrong with people nowadays? (is it something in the water?) lighten up folks!

anyway, here’s something to cleanse your mental palate – a clip from a 1970s british show called “mind your language” about a bunch of foreigners in an english language class. it wasn’t the funniest british sitcom ever, but some of the stereotypes were great: the german au pair and japanese man from the electronics company always arguing about who is more efficient, germans or the japanese; the greek and the italian men always fighting over the french girl (who is a floozie); the pakistani (“infidel!”) and the sikh (“jack*ss!”) always at each others’ throats; the chinese girl always quoting chairman mao. ;-) Ah. The good old days…

oh. and a bonus! one of my all-time favorites. “mexican-americans don’t like to get up early in the morning so they do it real sloooow….” :-D

update 09/26: “Sense of humour failure: Council slaps ban on mother-in-law jokes for being ‘offensively sexist'” & “Muslims demand apology for New Zealand minister’s joke” (via gov where u can read those jokes for urself)

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