thilo sarrazin, the great german embarassment, is at it again.  quick!  somebody call the pc police!

the daily mail reports:

A leading member of Germany’s central bank has caused outrage by claiming that Jews are identified by a particular gene.

Thilo Sarrazin, who is on the board of the the Bundesbank in Frankfurt, said in a newspaper interview: “All Jews share a certain gene. Basques (Spanish separatists) have particular genes, that distinguishes them from others.”

German’s Jewish community today reacted with horror and accused him of anti-Semitism and attempted racial profiling.

“Whoever tries to define Jews by their genetic make up succumbs to racism,” said Stephan Kramer, secretary of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

poppycock. poppycock, i say! how else would anyone define jews – or any other human population – than by their genetic make up?

ok, so thilo’s not correct in saying that jews share just one gene (if that’s what he really said). what they share is a set of particular genes/alleles, which makes them easily identifiable as a unique population of humans.

ya’ll will remember this from, gosh, TWO-AND-A-HALF YEARS AGO (hello pc-people! wake up!) [from plos genetics via information processing]:

i won’t even pretend to understand exactly what this graphic shows (apparently it’s of an analysis of the principal components in the genetic variation in a sample of 4000 european and ashkenazi jewish individuals, whatever that means); but the upshot is, the pink represents ashkenazi jews while the red (and other colors) represents other people of european descent.

in other words, you can define ashkenazi jews (and other european groups) by the collection of genes/alleles that they share in common.

simple, really.

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