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…i don’t give a sh*t what other peoples get up to.

i’ve recently had a couple of posts up about the gender imbalance issue in china and india, but that’s only because i was annoyed that mara hvistendahl blames the imbalance on westerners|western science (at least partly, anyway). aside from that, i don’t care that chinese people and indians abort female fetuses at greater numbers than male ones. that’s up to them. i find it interesting, but it doesn’t bother me on a personal level.

(well, in one way i do care ’cause i’m concerned about the prospects of war with all those young men hanging about with nothing better to do — and us getting dragged into it. i’m just saying i don’t feel morally upset over how some other peoples conduct their affairs.)

i bring this up because a commenter on another post mentioned the gender imbalance in india and differences between the muslim and christian populations there. he wrote it in such as way that it sounds like an indictment of indian muslims. maybe he didn’t mean it that way, but that’s how it reads anyway.

which made me just want to make it clear that i really don’t give a sh*t how muslims — or any other peoples, for that matter — arrange their societies and live out their lives. like i mentioned above, i am sometimes concerned when what they do might impact me and mine, but on a moral, gut-feeling level, i feel it’s none of my business. i don’t care if women are in burkas or not allowed to drive or have their clitorises cut off — or if some papua new guineans eat their neighbors — that’s up to them. THAT’S human biodiversity!

i just don’t want all that human biodiversity in my country (or anywhere in the west, either).

so, just to be clear, this blog is not about being critical about how other peoples live their lives. it’s (hopefully) more of an exploration of why all the diversity exists in the first place.

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