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or just a high-functioning sociopath? (~_^)

take the test!: Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale (h/t bones and behaviours!).

i’m not (or i’m such a psychopath that i lied on the whole test (~_^) ):

You have completed the Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale.

“The LSRP measures two scales.

“Scores range from 1 (low) to 5 (high).

“Your score from primary psychopathy has been calculated as 1.3. Primary psychopathy is the affective aspects of psychopathy; a lack of empathy for other people and tolerance for antisocial orientations.

“Your score from secondary psychopathy has been calculated as 2.1. Secondary psychopathy is the antisocial aspects of psychopathy; rule breaking and a lack of effort towards socially rewarded behavior….

“Below is the distribution of how other people who have taken this test have scored.

“You score for primary psychopathy was higher than 10.51% of people who have taken this test.

“You score for secondary psychopathy was higher than 29.26% of people who have taken this test.”

see also: sociopath world

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ok, everybody. time to test yourselves!

our very own boy wonder, elijah armstrong, has developed a high-range crystallized test “intended to measure IQ into a very high range” (i am sooo gonna fail…).

if you’d like to participate in the norming of this test, please email elijah, and he will send you a copy of the test. he’ll send you your results, too, once it’s all over.

please, keep in mind that this is all being done on the HONOR SYSTEM, so no cheating! no looking anything up online! no sharing answers! follow the instructions to the letter, and please don’t post the questions anywhere! thanks. (^_^)

edit: please, see elijah’s comment below. (don’t download the OLD version of the test!)

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**update: the “solution” is in the comments here. see also here. (^_^) **

or an easterner (east asian)?

in which group does the flower at the bottom belong: group a or group b?

east west flowers

feel free to leave your answer in the comments and — only if you like — the reason(s) for your choice and/or your ethnic background. (^_^) (you don’t have to be specific — you can say “eastern” or “southern” european, etc., if you prefer.)

this little test was lifted from the documentary below (thanks, gottlieb!). i haven’t watched the entire thing yet, but it looks to be good!



see also t. greer’s excellent post: “West and East and How We Think.” (btw, t. greer has a really neat blog in general!)

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the christian science monitor has a little quiz up: Sunni and Shiite Islam: Do you know the difference?

i sorta do. i got 3 wrong out of 19 — 84%. eh. =/

the three questions i didn’t know the answers to were:

12. The title Sayyid is used by members of which sect?
13. The name for which sect comes from the Arabic word for follower?
15. Which sect considers members of the other to be apostates?

you try! no cheating! (~_^)

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dennis has got a post up about the pew religion quiz (i got one wrong!!), so i thought i’d counter with the pew science knowledge quiz. (^_^) here’s how i did:


the quiz was very easy, tho. very.

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pew tells me i’m a libertarian:

libertarianism would be great! if the country was filled with mostly white folks.

(i am definitely not more moderate re. immigration than other gop groups!)

take the quiz: 2011 Pew Research Political Typology Quiz

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answer over here.

did you get it right? (i did! i did!) (^_^)

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