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posting will be light — or maybe nonexistent — for the next couple of weeks, btw. easter break! (^_^)

i’m around. just relaxing poolside with some easter eggnog. (<< you didn't know that was a real thing, did you? (~_^) )


h/t jayman! (^_^)

darth vader cigarette

winter is coming - chewbacca

tyrion lannister and luke


princess leia and cersei

previously: lookin’ for love…

puzzle pirate found these pictures of me as a child on the internet. i have NO idea how these were leaked online, but i intend to find out! MOOOOMMM!!1! (~_^)

hbd chick as child 01

hbd chick as child 02

h/t ed west! (^_^)

medieval star wars

thought we should have something russian-themed today!:



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