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the skywalking dead

spock star wars mashup



ok. i confess. just spent the past couple of hours goofing off playing #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly on twitter. (*^_^*)

john durant wins the prize, tho (imho)! (h/t jayman!) (^_^)

…when the star wars theme is played. (~_^) (why, yes! that is the hollywood bowl!)

star wars - john williams' concert


on washington national cathedral! (^_^) (just don’t call it a gargoyle, or the peeps at the cathedral will be very upset with you! (~_^) )

darth vader grotesque

i am going to be f*cking off on vacaciones for THREE weeks, so hang ten ’til i’m back, dudes! (^_^)

(i’ll be around — gonna try to stay unplugged for as much as possible, tho.)

chewie and surfboard


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